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Hi there! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ My name is Brooke and I'm a 22 year old Sims 2 addict. I follow pretty simblrs for TS2 and 3, post original TS2 content, and rarely reblog. I (try to) tag all unrelated posts with 'delete later', 'saviorhide', or 'non-sims'. && I'm Ask+Wcif friendly. :) Thanks for following & happy simming! ♥
Hello! I was wondering where I could find the mint green concrete wal in this post: /post/86319882518/arwens-bedroom ? Hope you have a great day!


That wall is from Pikkon. :) & Thanks, you too.

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warning: whining ahead

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Excuse the unattractive angle of this selfie Sunday. I am laying in the backseat of my car listening to the rain before I go into work. Hope you all are having a happy Sunday!

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I’m sure no one remembers Jean as I made her sooooo long ago. I was moving Wiley into her house and going to put her back in the sim bin, but after a slight makeover I kind of like her again. 

I’m sure no one remembers Jean as I made her sooooo long ago. I was moving Wiley into her house and going to put her back in the sim bin, but after a slight makeover I kind of like her again. 

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The Berrywood’s. 

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I couldn’t not use Veranka’s new kitchen set. :p

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1,200 Followers Gift > All Good Things


Notes: I put this together at 5AM, so if anything is wrong please let me know. XD I had a lot of requests for IKEA recolors and those are coming soon as well. ^__^ Thanks for following! I love you guys.  

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for the eye defaults you have, do you have the default version or the geneticized&townified version?


Uhhh… I’m kind of confused by your question. XD Defaults can’t =/= geneticized/townified. If it is a default, then it replaces the game-shipped eyes. If it’s geneticized/townified then it just appears randomly throughout your townies and born-in-game sims have a chance of getting them as well. These are the defaults I’m using, if you wanted to know. But a default is just a default and nothing else. Feel free to re-ask me if you meant something else. 

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Seven million years ago, kittenfossils asked me to share Wiley. I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to do so. ;___; But here he is! Please let me know if anything isn’t working correctly. :)


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Um okay i know this is rather vague(very very vague), but where do you get your hair retextures? I am trying to switch from remi to pooklet and i downloaded a bunch of hairs from all over but they are all very different? So i was wondering, since i saw a couple of maxis matchers bulk uploading hairs maybe someone did the same but with pooklet's textures? I really dont want to bother but i HAD to ask you because the hair in your game looks absolutely flawless c:


Hiya! Well, thank you for that last part. :3 The rest of this message is probably going to be a big let down for you LOL. The truth is, I…have no idea. I get hairs from everywhere, with ALL different textures! I probably have more maxis match hairs than I do pookleted because I got a bulk upload myself.

I pick up hairs from everywhere, mainly I just stalk trappingcrushes and grab as I go. rented-space also uploads hair in pooklets. There’s also mybsims. But, I too would like to know if there’s a bulk upload of pooklets because I’d like to have it as well! 

Anybody know anything about this topic that would like to contribute? :)

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